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"MindOH! is a socially responsible company named for that moment when a child's belief in what is and what can be come together."  Beth Carls, CEO

For over six years, MindOH! has created character-based, online computer modules that teach kids problem-solving techniques, conflict resolution and communication skills, reinforcing universally held character traits such as respect and responsibility.

Character education, in our view, should be an integral part of all learning environments, particularly in light of increased incidents of school violence, bullying, cyberspace bullying and drop-out rates among today's youth.

We're providing measured and proven evidence-based results such as:

  • Reducing in school suspension by up to 50%
  • Reducing discipline alternative school transfers up to 77%
  • Reducing drop-out rates
  • Increasing student grade point averages

Reduce Bullying and School Violence
With These Complimentary Prevention
Tips and Tools

The recent events in Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have caused us all to take another look at what we're doing to curb school violence and keep our teens and schools safe. These complimentary Bullying and School Violence Prevention Tips and Tools are available for you to begin using immediately. Perfect for teachers and parents.

  • Activity sheets for bullying, verbal threats, racial slurs, and harassing behaviors
  • Lesson plans for class discussion and participation
  • Anti-bullying in-depth Tips for a more caring school climate and more...
Get the Bullying and School Violence Prevention
Tips and Tools here

New “Conversation Starter” Tools

By overwhelming request, get your complimentary "Parent Conversation Starters" on teen suicide, bullying and violence prevention tips for kids ages 5 and up. Courtesy of Premier Psychological Services.

Get the "How To Talk With Your Kids and Students About
Bullies and School Violence" Conversation Starter Tips

Get the "How To Talk With Your Kids About Suicide"
Conversation Starter Tips

Tips and Tools Courtesy of The MindOH! Foundation.

Protect Your Kids From Internet Predators With These Complimentary Tips and Tools

The Cyberbullying Prevention Tips and Tools are easy and ready to use immediately for teachers and parents. These carefully selected topics are from our proven content that has been mentioned in national publications such as USA Today, People Magazine, New York Post, and heard on CNN Headline News and Catherine Crier Live.

  • Activity worksheets from these points of view; the bully, the bullied, and the bystander
  • Topics such as the power of words, the power of cruelty, personal Internet safety standards plan
  • Lesson Plans for the danger of too much information, privacy issues, teasing, and online gossip
  • Family Activity discussion sheets, Tips for prevention, "How To" guides and more...

Get the Cyber Bullying Prevention Tips and Tools here >

CNN Headline News features MindOH! >

Testimonials: What Others Are Saying About The Effectiveness of MindOH! 

Dr. Susan Sclafani, Former Counselor to the U.S. Secretary of Education and Assistant Secretary, Office of Vocational and Adult Education

"I think projects, programs, that give children a chance to articulate what they’re feeling, and in this case, to do it at a time when they’re finding it very hard to not be emotional about what’s happening with them is a very positive thing. I think it was very important that [the students] talked about the fact that once they had used [MindOH!], they never got in trouble again, they never had to come back and use it again. That says that it made them think about what they had done and that’s the most critical thing with middle school kids – it’s getting them to think about their actions, be more reflective about them, and here they have a tool to help them do that.”

Marvin Berkowitz, Ph.d, Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis

"[With the] MindOH! program they open up, reflect, cool down, and are more available to eventual meaningful human to human counseling and discourse..." More >

Patricia Lankpoop, Program Administrator, NC

"I want to say that since we began using the behavioral component of MindOH!..... we have had great success. Children who are aggressive and that have difficulty communicating with adults and processing their difficulties, have had great success with the MindOH! program...it is a very effective program for children who are experiencing emotional distress as well as being unable to process their feelings with an adult.... "

Cally Robin Wolk, Parent and Educator, RI

"I work in education reform, and I tell people all the time, "schools won't be fixed until society is fixed, because the same problems are present in both." MindOH! is helping to make people whole, and from there, anything is possible. It is increasingly evident that humanity requires a human group-approach to solving our problems, MindOH! brings the human touch to life for kids."

Jean Gilstrap, M.D., Psychiatrist, Osage Beach, MO

Technology can't replace individual human contact, but these tools create breakthroughs in ways where a child becomes more comfortable, thus more open to meaningful dialogue with adults...this new and innovative way to help more children acquire a healthy self-concept."

Read more Testimonials from parents, educators and students>
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  Latest News

January 2007
The MindOH! Foundation celebrates unity and nonviolence with tools for honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday.

October 10, 2006
Co-founders Amy Looper and Beth Carls invited to participate in The White House Conference on School Safety.

October 6, 2006
National Radio Interview on "School Violence" and Advice from MindOH! Co-founder Amy Looper

October, 2006
MindOH! selected as a Suspension Alternative that Works by eSN Tools for Schools

June 21, 2006
Amy Looper talks with Catherine Crier on Court TV about a Michigan boy who was bullied on his school bus.

February 27, 2006
MindOH! was interviewed by NewsRadio KTRH in Houston

January 2006
MindOH! is highlighted in the new book, "Smart & Good High Schools”

August 2005
The National PTA’s My School Online Organization References MindOH! in “A New Way to Bully: Cyberbullying”

August 2005
MindOH! Releases Positive Preliminary Results From Its St. Louis Research Study

March, 2006
"MindOH!'s expertise in cyberbullying is featured in People Magazine, web designs and CNN Headline News"

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