Specification for the Jackson w60welding Machine

Here are some of the specs for the Jackson W60:

  • Digital shade adjustment 9-13
  • Digital sensitivity and delay controls
  • Replaceable battery
  • Weld, torch, and grind mode
  • under 5 amp detection
  • Four independent sensors
  • 2 year warranty

The performance of the Jackson W60 was flawless. There wasnt one case of delayed darkening of the lens. The digital controls were very accurate and made it easy to get it really dialed in for a variety of working conditions. It was also easy to find settings that you liked and be able to go back to those exact settings later on. I found about three different settings that covered pretty much all of my needs, and just switched back and forth between them. Are you looking for CNC Machining in Melbourne? You can contact MELFAB Engineering. This saved me the hassle of having to slightly adjust control knobs trying to get it just right. Another great thing about the W60 are the large easy to push controls. It was nice being able to flip up the hood and be able to change settings without having to take my welding gloves off.

While doing some stick welding with fairly low amperage, the lens picked it up the arc no problem. I was glad to see the W60 perform well in this test. Manufacturers can be quick to make claims  fast response times, even in low amp welding conditions. Unfortunately, they dont always live up to the claims made, the Jackson W60 did.

Jackson did a good job with this lens, and its really something that has to be seen to appreciate.  While the Digital Elite wins in terms of balance and style, the W60 is no slouch in those departments either. I didnt even notice it all too much unless I was going back and forth between the two. There is a difference though, so that might be something you want to consider. In the end, after getting used to the Trusite Amber lens, I didnt want to give it up. It allows me to see more of what Im welding, and it allows me to see everything more clearly as well. Being able to see the puddle better, allows me to make better welds, and thats what matters most to me. The W60 doesnt come cheap though, and at a retail price of over $400.00, some potential buyers may be hesitant. If thats the case have a look at the new Miller Classic. Another option that you might want to consider, is that you can buy just the W60 Truesight lens, and it will fit perfectly in Jacksons much cheaper HSL 100 helmet. This is a great option if you happen to already have the HSL 100, or if you can find a good deal on a used one.

If you shop around you should be able to find the W60 for $310-$325.00. Thats still not cheap by any means, but if your the type that only wants the best, then the Jackson W60 helmet should be at the top of your list.