Thank you for visiting the Embracing My Mind, Inc. (EMM) website! We are a consumer-run, grassroots, non-profit organization that provides peer support services and recovery support groups for mental health. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia. For a copy of our brochure click here.Objectives:
  • Develop open dialogue and educate the community about serious mental illnesses.
  • Change perceptions by overcoming stereotypes and stigma attached to serious mental illness through awareness.
  • Dismantle fears associated with serious mental illnesses.

*NEW EVENT: Sunlight Village 2011 Mental Health Conference: Our Children, Our Future 

On Saturday, June 18, 2011, our Founder and Executive Director, Ashley Smith, will share her recovery story at the Sunlight Village conference in Dayton, Ohio. This is a FREE conference! For more info click here. Registration is required and lunch must be paid in advance, call 937.369.3877 or visit website.


“You give me hope and a stronger desire to serve humanity. Your recovery story is one of your greatest gifts to the world!” Rodney Ware, Executive Director of ADHD Coaching, Inc.

“I have never been able to have that type of discussion with someone with a mental illness. Being able to be open with the discussion enabled me to understand mental illness in a way I never have before.”- Anonymous (In Our Own Voice)

“Because she [Ashley Smith] was very open about her experience and painted a very vivid picture for me. It truly touched me and I’m thankful to have been part of her class.”- Anonymous (In Our Own Voice)

The Strengthening Each Other classes were “…very informative. I could really use the information, and I look forward to the next class. Hope is what I get.” Anonymous

“Nice blog site [ Overcoming Schizophrenia]. You provide a good look into a world that seems so closed off. Thank you”.  Rob

“I like this site because I had no idea what that was until I read your blog [ Overcoming Schizophrenia]”. Tyler

Picture of Schizophrenia

A person with untreated schizophrenia may experience: Confusion… Alienation… Voices… Fear…. Anxiety

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